2021 - Gigs:
March 21st - The Sandbar (W.A.M. showcase) Sarborough Beach

We are very proud to be involved with The West Australian Music Industry (WAM) who have been so supportive to homegrown talent. Here's a great showcase of some of the new up-&-coming acts on the scene, of which we are excited to be part of.

Chilali & The Chief playing at 2.30~3.15pm.Sunday arvo

March 21st - The Pirate Bar North Perth

Whoo...busy day today! No matter, because we always look forward to playing here at The Pirate Bar. Hidden away in this little suburban nook is a secret treasure that many locals frequent as a perennial favourite hang. We also are big fans of this characteristic venue. Every time we play here, we are greeted with enthusiastic, friendly staff & a truly receptive & generous audience who really listen and show their appreciation. Always a great time...from 5pm

September 25th - The Pink Duck Bar & Bistro

Along the picturesque Rockingham Beach Foreshore is one of our favourite hangs...with the beautiful beach alongside, it actually is such a great spot - even during Winter weather...hang on, isn't it Spring!!

September 27th - The Hilton Park Bowling Club

Here's a great venue...bowling clubs have been a bit of a hidden cool scene in places like Melbourne (pre Covid lock down of course!). Looking forward to playing a new venue where the likes of Lez Karski, Dave Brewer, Pete Stone & Norm Leslie also perform at.

2019 - Gigs:


November 4th - Maylands Food Markets

The Food Van Culture is thriving & alive with such a great community feel & organic street vibe. We are literally playing on the street - glam busking vibe on Eighth Street! It was such a pleasure playing here last Summer at these Food Markets.... Playing from 6pm

November 3rd -The Pink Duck, Beach Bar & Bistro, Rockingham


It's our favourite local hang in Rockingham and it's always a cruisey, weekend wind-down gig. Awesome food to boot and very friendly staff & service. Perfect! 2pm-5.30

November 2nd - Darlington Arts Festival, Perth Hills


We feel very privileged to be asked to play at The Darlington Arts Fest. This quaint little nook nestled in the Hills is such a special, beautiful place.populated by a very artistic community. There will be lots to see with activities of all kinds. We're looking forward to catching up with friends up there. We are performing on the Main Stage at 2pm.


​October 30th - Freo.Social, Frontyard Blues, Roots & Beyond

It's always great fun playing at the Freo.Social, and this time we are sharing the bill with our very talented friend, the award-winning Tashi Hall. Her multi-discipline artistic skills encompass everything music as well as videography, photography - she took most of our promos photo's that you may have seen here on this site as well as on our gig ads, CD cover & various posters. We probabably will be playing inside the Front Bar. Tashi 6pm, Chilali/Chief 7pm


​October 17th - Cecelia's On Hay, Tapas Bar

We are very excited to play at one of Kalgoorlie's finest eating establishments - Cecelia's On Hay. Many thanks to our illustrious friends and hosts Drew & Gayle for inviting us. It will be a great intimate setting


​October 18th - 20th - Kalgoorlie Hotel

Yet again, we're going to Kal. Always fun!


​October 4th - Jarrahfall Festival, Jarrahdale

We are proud to perform at the inaugural Jarrahfall Festival, curated by the inimitable Dave Feenstra. The Chief is also performing on bass with Rose Parker & Dave Hyams as a Trio. Family friendly, in a great bushland camp setting, and a fantastic lineup of West Australian original talent - all in all it should prove to be yet another yearly awesome event to look forward to every season in the WA Festival scene. Can't wait!

​September 30th - The Perth Royal Show, Claremont Showgrounds

Yes, The Royal Show! I've always had fond memories as a kid going to the show. I'm as excited as our son Djiva who will be coming along (maybe the sheep shearer's can cut his hair while we're on!!) Should be a fun gig...unusual!...We are on at 4pm at "Stage 3"

​September 29th - The Pink Duck, Beach Bar & Bistro


With the awesome weather we are getting, it's a real treat to hang out at this great venue on the picturesque Rockingham Foreshore. We usually meet up with friends & fans and have a great laid-back time eating some delicious food as well. From 2pm - 5pm


​September - The Barrelhouse, O'Connor


Our first foray at this new venue in O'Connor...we are performing there quite a lot this month. Here are our dates:

First WEEK:   Fri SEPT. 6th & Sat SEPT. 7th

2nd WEEK:  Fri SEPT 13th, Sat SEPT 14th

Last WEEK:   Fri SEPT 20th and Sun SEPT. 22nd

THIS WEEK:  Sat SEPT 28th,

                     Sun SEPT. 29th (from 6pm-9)

​September 27th - The Duke Of George, East Fremantle


We are really excited to play yet again at the plush Duke Of George, this time doing the support for the fabulous Rose Parker Trio - feat. our own Roy "Chief" Martinez (on bass) and the wonderful Dave Hyams. We are really looking forward to performing our all-original set including a couple of newly written tunes and premiering our new song "Camino Primitivo" inspired by Chilali's intrepid Spanish adventure. We play from 7pm - Rose is on at 8pm.

​September 21st - Rottnest Island - Governor's Bar - Karma Rottnest


We are so looking forward to going to the laid back holiday destination of Rotto. It was quite a party last time we played at the Governor's Bar. Great friendly staff and just a great place to unwind & let your hair down.

​September 11th - Gypsy Tapas Cafe, Fremantle


We are back playing at one of our absolutely favourite Tapas Bars here in the middle of Freo. Great atmosphere under the stars, with our wonderful hosts Dion & Cecelia offering the warmest hospitality & outstanding sumptuous International cuisine. From 6pm

September 4th - Freo.Social - Frontyard sessions - Blues. Roots & Beyond


A great place to spend a cosy night listening to cool tunes & enjoying the trendy food van culture of Cajun/Carribean cuisine in the Frontyard alfresco area - right in front this awesome venue.

​August 29th - Ronnie Nights - Gaslight Songwriters' Club


We are so looking forward to performing at this relatively new Freo venue. Thanks to the enigmatic Steve Tallis for offering us this great opportunity to play at one of Perth's coolest nuovo digs, upstairs off the Freo Cafe strip.

​August 30th-Sep 1st - The Kalgoorlie Hotel


Yet again, the Kal adventure continues...

​August 23rd - Gratias Cafe - vegan pizza night


Always good to be back here after quite a while away. It's like coming home to family. You know you are eating healthy with the warmest hospitality around. Enjoy a cosy night with us. From 6pm

​August 18th - The Pink Duck - Beach Bar & Bistro


We're very lucky to have a great venue, quite close to us, that has become a great meeting hub to catch up with friends, as well a being an effective vehicle for us to workshop & showcase new, freshly-written songs. Always a fun atmosphere and awesome food to boot. Please come down.

​August 9th - The Brewhouse, Margaret River


Definitely one of our very favourite places all around Down South. Again, it's one of those spots where if we weren't playing there, we would always choose to be there anyway to enjoy the great vibe of this wonderful venue. Great staff, friendly hospitality, fantastic food (the signature Chilli Mussels is our lure!) picturesque setting alongside our favourite bush walking trail. Relax & unwind


​JULY 26th-28th - The Kalgoorlie Hotel

We're back!

​JULY 21st - The Pink Duck - Beach Bar & Bistro


Along the picturesque Rockingham Beach Foreshore is one of our favourite hangs...with the beautiful beach alongside, it actually is such a great spot - even during Winter! The Pink Duck was our regular local - before we started to work there...Bonus!! We love the "hot-rocks" & Salmon pizza...yum! Then you have...US. What more can you ask for?...more food!! (that's Roy!)...2pm to 5pm

​JULY 12th - 14th - Kalgoorlie Hotel


Yes, we are heading East for the weekend to good ol' Kal! Hadn't ventured round that way for a long time...but should be quite an experience!

​JULY 7th - Gypsy Tapas Cafe - Fremantle's favourite Tapas Bar


Our monthly residency gig is always something to look forward to. Cosy, fairy-lit alfresco dining under the Milky Way is an experience rather unique in this town. Excellent Tapas cuisine is at it's best at this restaurant...from 6pm till late

​JULY 7th - Flipside Festival celebrating Jamie David's 50th Birthday


Under the new Freo BigTop behind Clancy's & next to the old FTI Cinemas, some of Freo's illuminaries are getting together to celebrate fellow Freo identity, Jamie David's milestone birthday. Should be Hoot!....Chilali & The Chief play from 4.40pm but Roy is playing bass with his other World Music Band "Duende Indalo" at 3.50pm.

​JULY 6th - Duke Of George Saturday afternoon session


The wonderful new East Fremantle venue hosts a fantastic Luncheon session on Saturday afternoons (however, this is the second to last session before a Winter break). Luxuriate in the Dukes' sumptuous Southern/"Nawlins" (New Orleans) decor while dining in one of Perth's finest Southern Louisiana Cuisine - which needs to be experienced to believe! 12pm till 3pm

​JUNE - Hiatus in Spain!

We are taking a break in this early to mid part of June, to travel to Spain - walking the fabled "El Camino de Santiago" pilgrimage trail. If it all works out, there is the very real possibility that Chilali & The Chief will be doing gigs over there perhaps this time next year. We will let you know, so stay tuned all you Wanderlust travelers! Meantime, our next few gigs when we return are....

​JUNE 23rd  The Pink Duck Beach Bar & Bistro



Sunday afternoon drinks and hot rocks @ Pink Duck Bar & Bistro at the Rockingham Foreshore. This is by far one of the best places to hang and eat in Rocko area. Our last gig here was a real hoot with just about everyone in the joint singing along! Great fun. 2pm till 5pm

​JUNE 26th  The Freo Social - Wednesday Night Blues & Roots Club


After Roy the Chief had played quite a few gigs already at the fabulous new Freo Social (including The Human Highway Band (tribute to Neil Young), also with The Rose Parker Band as well as part of the The "Freo Socialites"! - ie. the "house" band for the monthly Quiz Nights - we jumped at the chance to do a duo gig there ourselves. We'll be playing out in the excellent outdoor Alfresco area (weather permitting)


Wonderful early morning chilled-out atmosphere...This is the best recovery after late Saturday night festivities! We've done a few of these already and we really love it. There's always a real community Spirit and friendly vibes, and it's so great to see, taste & experience the thriving scene of local artisans, providores, food merchants & crafts-people, doing what they do best. A bit early for the old singing voices however (9am start!), but nothing that a couple of swigs of bespoke coffee can't remedy!

​MAY 31st Pink Duck


Friday night drinks and hot rocks @ Pink Duck Rockingham. This is by far one of the best places to hang and eat in Rocko area. Couple it together with some awesome music and you have THE best place to hang and eat in Rockingham! Bring ya mates!  

​MAY 22nd & 29th Gypsy Tapas


Whats on in Freo!!! Dinner and a show at everybody's favourite Tapas restaurant. you never know who's gonna drop in here with most of our gigs ending up a jam out with Freo's finest musicians. 

​MAY 19th The Pirate Bar


Chilali and the Chief return to The Pirate Bar to deliver their supreme Indie Folk sounds and fiery guitar solo's in Perths Best Sunday Sesh North of the river! Come down and enjoy this atmospheric bar and carry on the weekend!

​MAY 10th & 12th Gratias Cafe

Come and enjoy dinner and a show at Perth's best Organic Vegan/Vegetarian Cafe: Gratias Organic Cafe, George Street, East Fremantle. Friday Night dinner set, BYO wine. Sunday Mother's Day lunch. Set in the intimate surroundings of a secret garden courtyard, this venue really makes you feel like you've jumped on a plane and landed in Europe. Perth's best original music!