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New music for 2021

So...after a prolonged gap in proceedings, were back! Let it be known that we really haven't stopped our usual mode of operation - rather, we have been busier than ever...and we have lots in store in the imminent future. We have, in all actuality, been SO busy doing our regular & new gigs, plus recording songs & making videos etc. We have now resolved to post more of what we are up to on this particular site. We already have been quite regular on our other social media platforms: Facebook / Instagram / YouTube so please check those out as well.

New song: "Beautiful Mess"

Hey guy's, please check out a sneak peek of my rough working mix version of our next song: "Beautiful Mess" which we are releasing very soon. It hasn't been mixed or mastered and a few fiddly bits need to be fixed, but it's all just about there. This is the one that we are currently filming - in parts - to create the final film clip. We have been doing shot locations with Chilali in some very organic environs, getting dirty while still looking beautiful. And soon we're gonna go to one of our favourite venues, "Mojo's", to film Roy as every member in the virtual 'band'....since we couldn't clone him in real life! Should be interesting...




We are back gigging again!

We are so grateful to be back at some of our favourite venues and residency gigs that we had prior to the Pandemic Isolation. Please refer to our "GIGS" page on this site to keep in the loop of all our current & upcoming gigs.

New music for 2020

So, while everybody has been in isolation - and the gigs were postponed at the beginning of the year - the great news is that both Chilali & myself have been very busy being creative and prolific in writing new songs and recording for a new fully-fledged CD. Just like how our debut E.P. had a theme of all things celestial & Lunar-related, likewise there has been a predominant theme in this new batch. We have always had the burning desire to travel - whether it's just locally, in our own beautiful country or across this awe-inspiring globe. And because of the unheralded hibernation has anchored the entire population to bunker down, this heartfelt 'Wanderlust' grew ever so much more stronger for us. Hence, we resolved to call this next release The "Road Series" - really capturing the nomadic spirit of the Gypsy Life on the road...the restless heart of the troubadour artist...and poignantly highlighting the irony of the current World situation of Isolation, juxtaposing the Human Spirit that always yearns for connection, communication, meaning and purpose. It symbolises the metaphor for Life's tenuous rollercoaster journey...of which this Global situation is an unprecedented example of how the challenge is in actuality, a significant catalyst for change & growth and ultimately evolution. However, even though we have about 15 new song ideas, we may just release one at a time over the next few months with accompanying film clips...and then present the whole "Road Series" CD in due course of the initial releases. So please stay tuned!

2020 !!

Well what a year 2020 has shaped up to be! Who would've have thought in their wildest dreams that the World would all of a sudden, plunge into the radical directions it has. It truly is one for the history...of histories!

So, while we bear witness to the evolving scenarios developing, we choose to stay on the positive path - always trying to be aware yet constantly focusing on the positive potential of the status quo, having faith & hope that all has a purpose - even if it seems elusive or dire - and ultimately, light can be shone into the darkness to bring about a new & better result for the whole of humanity. We can only hope for the future.

September gigs

So September is going to be a very busy time for us. We've already done a couple of great gigs at two new venues for us in the form of Ronnie Nights (as part of Steve Tallis' Gaslight Club Sessions) as well as The Freo.Social (as part of their Frontyard, Blues, Roots & Beyond sessions). Now we are fully booked to play a series of residency gigs at The Barrelhouse in O'Connor. Please go to our "Gigs" page to checkout our dates there. We will be work-shopping a lot of new ideas & songs - especially the ones Chilali came up with during her Spanish stint.

Plus we have Rottnest Island and The Perth Royal Show gigs as well. It's all on!

Kalgoorlie tour!

Ok, maybe not a tour as such - and definitely not as exotic as Chilali's Spanish sabbatical - but certainly an exciting new experience for us. Kalgoorlie was a pleasant surprise! Neither of us had visited Kal (individually) since we were kids. I remember doing one of my very first "away" gigs there at the Kalgoorlie Hotel when I was 16 yrs old (Yes, technically under-age...but I was tall!) And lo & behold, I'm pretty sure we stayed in the very same room as I did where all those years ago, the band boys stayed up all night telling me ghost stories while an Alsatian howled thru the night! Thankfully a lot of things had changed over the years there and our three gigs were received with a great warm response. The crew there & hospitality were wonderful too. So to our Goldfield friends, we are there again in 2 weekend's time if you are around (26th - 29th July)

Chilali's back!

Yes finally Chilali's back with a new lease on life - and raring to perform gigs & record some new tracks. We are now just in the process of writing some fresh new tunes inspired by the adventure...including a very special one specifically about walking her pilgrimage on the El Camino and dedicated to the wonderful souls she met along the way. And yes, we will be playing these tunes live at our gigs to workshop them - so please come down sometime and give us feedback and be involved with us in the creative process!! (who knows - you could end up getting co-writing credits!).

Check out the great photo's of her journey on our "Blogs" page too.


Watch for new tours here.

Chilali In Spain!

Goal-driven Chilali is heading over to Spain currently to fulfill a real life bucket-list dream to walk the fabled "El Camino de Santiago" pilgrimage trail, starting in Barcelona. Hopefully she'll be able to document her progress over there with journal entries/ blogs / photos & most probably new songs ideas! We'll keep you guys informed, so go and click on to our "BLOGS/PICS" page and have a look at the progress of the epic adventure.

"Howl at the Moon" official video coming soon!

We are currently in the process of making our next official video to our song "Howl At The Moon". It's going to be a bit theatrical(!) with quite a motley crew of cast of characters. So stay tuned for the official release date.

Here it is...our brand spanking new website!

Keep abreast with all our latest gigs, events, music, videos, blogs & adventures on this site. There will be lots in store throughout this year.