Lua De Prata

Our latest film clip of the song "Lua De Prata" (meaning Silver Moon in Portuguese) taken from our "Moon Series" E.P.

That Fool Moon

Slide show of an acoustic demo version of "That Fool Moon"



The Moon Series is a set of songs all linked together with the common thread of celestial bodies.

released April 26, 2019 
Recorded in the luxurious ambience of The "Sound Lounge"
Recorded and mixed by Greg Nosow 
Mastered by Murray Campbell at Beatworld 
Songs written by Chilali Song and Roy Martinez 
All instruments played by Roy Martinez (except*)
Lead Vocals: Chilali Song 
Backing Vocals: Bhavani Naea (& Alia Leadabrand in Howl at the Moon) 
*Harmonica: Jean Guy Lemire

Photography: Tashi Hall

Artwork: Chilali Song & Roy Martinez

"Pleiades - Suite 1"

We are so stoked to have one of our songs from the 'Moon Series' E.P. chosen to be the soundtrack to a very sublime film clip for The Art Museum of Berlin, Germany. The song: "Pleiades - Suite 1" (also known as "Venus") was re-imagined from a visionary collaboration between artists Karin Hawkes and Tamsyn Heynes of I.D.C, as part of 'Sidesteps on Canvas'. The song was set to a very artistic dance interpretation choreographed by the incredible Tamsyn Heynes and stunningly filmed by award-winning director/filmmaker: P.S. Cheng. The glorious setting is our very own Western Australian coastline...
We are very proud to be involved in this truly globally collaborative project.

"Beautiful Mess" (demo)

Hey guy's, please check out a sneak peek of my rough working mix version of our next song: "Beautiful Mess" which we are releasing very soon. It hasn't been mixed or mastered and a few fiddly bits need to be fixed, but it's all just about there. This is the one that we are currently filming - in parts - to create the final film clip. We have been filming Chilali in some very organic environs, getting dirty while still looking beautiful. And soon we're gonna go to one of our favourite venues, "Mojo's, to film Roy as every member in the virtual 'band'....since we couldn't clone him in real life! Should be interesting...